Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Review - Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

When I say I like fried chicken, I mean I'll eat it in as many different ways as I can find.  Indian chicken pakora, American southern fried wings & tenders, Chinese salt & chilli, Japanese Katsu...I could go on.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, like KFC, offers a wide variety of fried chicken and traditional southern sides including BBQ beans, 'mac 'n' cheese' (cringe), biscuits and seasoned fries.  We ordered the two piece chicken and two piece chicken tender meals with sides of seasoned fries, biscuits & gravy.

The crispy coating on the chicken was excellent, with a flaky texture quite unlike any I've seen elsewhere.  Perfectly dry, light and crunchy, it was everything a fried chicken coating needs to be and then some.  As fried chicken goes this was really very tasty stuff.

Whilst the seasoned fries on the side were also very good, the biscuits and gravy had a feeling of 'filler' about them, stodgy and ultimately a little bland.  The biscuit itself, basically a savoury scone, had a buttery taste which felt artificial and overpowering.  With fried chicken this good though, who cares?

You can find Popeyes in a few different countries; sadly Scotland isn't one of them.  One single branch exists in the UK, attached to an RAF base apparently.  You can visit their website here and, of course, if you'd like to try making your own fried chicken you can find a recipe in The Takeaway Secret.

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