Friday, 8 May 2015

Review - Papa John's Memphis BBQ Ribs

Papa John's aren't my favourite pizza place in the world, infact I rate them as generally amongst the worst.  Even as chain places go, Papa John seem to produce such boringly average pizza that ordering from them usually only happens in times of emergency (last place still opened) or when voucher codes make it a cheap deal.  Occasionally however new menu items arouse interest and so it was with their new Memphis BBQ Ribs.

These were terrible.  Dry, flavourless, bones with a tiny amount of meat for the eating.  They didn't look good, they didn't taste good and if you're in the mood for ribs tonight, you'd do well to ignore these entirely and opt instead for some salt & chilli ribs from your favourite local Chinese restaurant.

The Papa wants £5.49 for a portion of this affront to pork ribs and you can visit his website here.

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