Friday, 8 May 2015

Review - La Favorita, Edinburgh

Pizza.  Done properly, it's a thing of beauty.  Good pizza can be hard to find however, be it a thin, Italian style number, a thick, extra cheesy American style slice or a greasy, spicy chicken topped kebab shop offering.  One group of people who are very definitely getting it right however are La Favorita in Edinburgh who recently won best pizza at the Scottish Italian Awards.  Once you've tried one you'll understand why.

A whole array of Italian delights are available on La Favorita's menu including traditional items such as minestrone soup, bruschetta, polenta chips etc.  When it comes to main courses the various pasta and seafood dishes are undoubtedly well worth trying but, from my own experience, it's hard to see past the perfectly thin pizzas with their beautifully sweet tomato sauce and stretchy delicious cheese.  Of course, the test of any good pizza restaurant is in their Margherita and La Favorita come up with the goods to the extent that the optional toppings list, tasty though it may be, is ultimately rendered unnecessary.

This is very good pizza.  Properly Italian with a thin and perfectly crispy base, it oozes with cheese and is so light you'll convince yourself that eating one for lunch everyday of the week can't be that bad for you.

La Favorita have 4 locations in Edinburgh and recently opened their first in Glasgow.  Delivery is available and you can browse their menu or visit their website here.

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