Thursday, 7 November 2013

Review - Pizza Hut's Chips

I'm one of those people who'll order chips no matter what else is on the menu.  Of course, classic dishes such as battered fish or a nice burger are made to go with chips, whilst others such as south indian garlic chilli chicken curry aren't.  Regardless, if chips are available, I'll always order them on the side of whatever else is coming.

I was quite intrigued then when I clicked onto Pizza Hut's website to find that they had added chips to their side dishes menu.  Ordinarily, I'd have chips on the side with a kebab shop pizza but never with a chain pizza, primarily because they usually don't sell them, instead offering potato wedges in most instances.  Armando's Pizza in Glasgow is the exception which proves the rule, offering chips as they do with their pizzas.  I should say, as well as offering excellent pizzas, Armando's chips are absolutely brilliant, so much so that it's often tempting to offer 2 portions at a time.

Back to Pizza Hut's take on chips then.  I wasn't really sure what to expect when my £2.99 portion arrived alongside my pizza.  I hoped deep down that they would be American style, classically cooked and seasoned French fries, the kind which would have me returning to Pizza Hut for home delivery umpteen times in the weeks to come.  Beautifully golden, ultra crispy, deliciously salty French fries, each one more enjoyable than the last.

Instead, I got this:

I could probably end this review at this point and anyone who knows their chips would easily and happily draw their own conclusions, make a mental note NEVER to order this disgrace to the history of chips and we could all move on.  Instead though, I actually want to write a few words about just how terrible these chips were.

These were bad.  So bad.  Anyone who's ever lazily loaded a baking tray with frozen oven chips from the supermarket and cooked them only to discover that half of them are burnt and the other half aren't cooked will know exactly what to expect from these.  They're basically cheap oven chips (which have their place in takeaway excellence, don't get me wrong), cooked badly by Pizza Hut in ovens which were clearly designed for wings / wedges and chicken.

They don't look any better up close.
If you ignore this review and decide to order some of these, Pizza Hut say they'll be accompanied by a BBQ dip.  Mine didn't arrive, however even the most amazing BBQ sauce in the world (which Pizza Hut's isn't) wouldn't be able to hide the fact that these are terrible, terrible chips, ridiculously overpriced too at £2.99 per portion.

They really aren't good.

Rating: 4/10
Technically, they are chips.