Monday, 7 January 2013

Review - Papa John's BBQ Chicken Wings

New and Improved!  That's what the advert says at least.

Anyone who's a fan of barbecue wings will know that they generally fall into two categories.  We could, perhaps, call these two categories 'wet' and 'dry'.  In other words, some barbecue wings are served dry, with the barbecue sauce basically cooked into the wings.  Wet wings instead come smothered in a generous sticky and sweet barbecue sauce which is definitely going to require some napkins.

Papa John's new and improved BBQ Chicken Wings are now served wet, drenched in one of the darkest and sweetest BBQ sauces I've ever tasted.  I'm a fan of barbecue sauce and of course it's by deliberate design that the sauce tastes sweet.  In Papa John's case however, the sweetness comes through extremely strongly indeed.  This isn't a problem in the form of a dipping sauce, but becomes one when the chicken wings are positively drowning in the stuff.

Saucing aside, the other immediately noticeable difference is that the chicken wings are much more meaty than before.  The chicken itself has a more discernible 'roast chicken' flavour and the extra bulk on each wing does mean that they probably offer better value for money than before.

The wings taste much more traditional and almost have a sort of authentic 'home made' flavour.  This could be described equally as a good thing or a bad thing and I suppose it all depends on what you're looking for when you order a takeaway.  The traditional home cooked flavour lacked any kind of 'wow' factor and the sickly sweet sauce made it difficult for me to enjoy these too much.

One last thing;  If you decide to order a portion of the Papa's BBQ wings and you're also planning to add a few dipping sauces to your order, be sure to stick to the garlic and herb, buffalo, sour cream or honey and mustard options.  You definitely don't need any more BBQ sauce with these wings, trust me.

Papa John's New and Improved BBQ Chicken Wings cost me £3.99 for 8 wings and they can be purchased in store or online at

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