Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Review - Domino's Frank's RedHot Wings

I've often been surprised by the apparent lack of enthusiasm for Buffalo wings from UK based fast food chains.  It took Papa John's to finally introduce them as a menu item where Domino's and Pizza Hut both seemed to ignore them in favour of the more traditional BBQ flavoured wings.  Papa John's take on the wings leave a lot to be desired in my opinion but that's another story for another day.  Domino's have decided to get on board with Buffalo wings, adding them as a limited edition item to their menu in recent days.

There are a variety of theories and opinions on the true origin of Buffalo Wings - most of these stories however agree that the dish was first created in the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York in 1964.  Deep fried chicken wings are drenched in a mixture of hot sauce and butter and served with celery sticks and a blue cheese dressing.  Many restaurants also now offer a dish known as 'boneless buffalo wings'.  These aren't wings at all, instead made by drenching breaded chicken breast bites in the same hot sauce and butter mixture.  Domino's also have another name for their interpretation of these in the UK - Chicken Kickers on the Domino's menu are loosely based on this dish, although in Domino's case the hot sauce is cooked into the chicken pieces themselves as opposed to being added after cooking.

As part of the promotion with Frank's Red Hot Sauce, Domino's aren't calling their product Buffalo Wings but 'Frank's RedHot Wings'.  This is based on the commercial tie-in with Frank's, whose logo and brand feature heavily in the promotion.  Most purists will tell you that Buffalo wings made with any other hot sauce than Frank's are not real buffalo wings.

I ordered online at Domino's which means I was treated to a step-by-step progress update on my order.  I like this system a lot as it gives a much more accurate idea of when your food is likely to arrive.  Maybe there's time for one more beer after all.

Domino's take on Buffalo wings didn't disappoint and definitely seem to be the real deal, especially in comparison to the far too heavily sauced Papa John's offering.  Domino's RedHot Wings had all the flavour of Buffalo wings but were sauced more appropriately, resulting in wings which still had a little crisp to them.

The order of wings also came with a free portion of hot sauce dip which seemed like pure Frank's RedHot sauce although I wouldn't be surprised if it was mixed with butter or vegetable oil in much the same way as the classic Buffalo sauce is prepared.

As self-promotional as it sounds, I have to be honest and say that the most pleasing aspect of the wings was that they tasted almost exactly like the ones I cook myself from time to time.  The Frank's hot sauce is really where all the flavour comes from and so, if you're using the right sauce in the right quantities, it's easy to recreate these wings.  That said, if I was ordering from Domino's again anytime soon I'd certainly be adding another portion of these to my order.

If you'd like to try some of Domino's and Frank's RedHot Wings, you can order them in portions of 7,14 and 21 wings at http://www.dominos.co.uk.

If you'd like to try making your own, you can of course find the recipe in The Takeaway Secret.

Happy Cooking!


  1. Dominos Frank's RedHot wings aren't in the book

  2. I'm searching DESPERATELY for the precise recipe can you help?

    1. The Frank's RedHot Wings are Domino's name for 'Buffalo Wings' - you'll find a recipe in The Takeaway Secret :)

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