Monday, 20 August 2012

Review - Chiquito

If you've tried recipes from both The Takeaway Secret and More Takeaway Secrets, you'll notice a slight progression in the second book which sees some recipes leaning more towards dishes often found in 'sit-in' fast food restaurants.  This is a really good thing for me because it's the result of some progress in my life where Social Anxiety Disorder is concerned.  Small progress admittedly, and there's an awful long way to go, however i'm glad to be able to say that some positive things have happened over the last 12 months.  One of the most exciting aspects of this has been that I've finally been able to embrace the idea of going out for meals with friends and this means there's a whole new world of fast-food which I can now begin to explore.

One of the restaurants I have visited for the first time is Chiquito's, which offers a large variety of Mexican and Spanish dishes as well as typical favourites like burgers etc.  On the day I visited, the delightful waitress who led us to our table recommended the 'Texan Smoke-Stack Double Burger' and I decided that this suggestion was a good one.  I do plan on visiting Chiquito's again in the near future in order to try various dishes which people have requested recipes for, but for my first visit I figured it would be interesting to see their take on a burger.  Or, to be more accurate, their take on two burgers with onion rings, Monterey jack cheese, smoked bacon, gherkins, tomato, baby gem lettuce and smoked chilli ketchup.  Oooooooooft.

First things first however.  As we were seated at the table, a complimentary basket of tortilla chips with salsa came out immediately.  I like little touches like this, particularly when the tortilla chips themselves are topped with a delicious dry seasoning which is a little spicy and salty.

Even more impressively, our waiter was good enough to bring the seasoning tub from the kitchen and allow us to photograph the ingredients list for future recipe creation.  Thanks Chiquito!  If only all takeaway and fast food restaurants were so accomodating, the 3rd edition of The Takeaway Secret would be on the shelves within weeks.  I'll be working on a recipe for the tortilla chips seasoning and salsa shortly so feel free to look out for that.

On to the main dish then - the Chiquito Texan Smoke-Stack Double Burger is served with corn on the cob and skin-on fries, both of which were very nice.  Having said that, both the fries and the corn remained largely untouched given the mammoth effort that was required simply to take care of the aforementioned burger.  This was a BIG burger based on meat alone, made bigger still with the additional items included, particularly the onion rings.

Having tried in vain to cram the burger down into something which could be eaten by hand, it quickly became apparent that this thing was never going to fit in my mouth without a decent risk of a broken jaw.  I resigned myself to the fact that the burger would infact have to be split up and eaten in parts, sadly, by knife and fork.  This upset me a little because I felt at that stage that I was no longer eating a burger in the traditional sense.  I persevered however and enjoyed all of the individual components in a more manageable, bite-sized fashion.  The burger was very nicely cooked, just slightly pink on the inside and the 'smoke' of the bacon and the chilli tomato sauce both came through enough to merit their inclusion in the title of the dish.

As a plate of food, I would certainly recommend this as a tasty option.  I do have a bit of an issue with burgers that you can't eat with your hands though and so I do think that element requires a mention for any other purists out there who, like me, feel a bit wrong picking up a knife and fork in order to eat a burger.

I'll probably try to recreate this burger despite its outrageous proportions because let's face it, it has to be done.  The smoked chilli ketchup is also something i'm looking forward to recreating.  As for the tortilla chips seasoning and salsa, well it would be rude not to come up with something after being presented with a full ingredients list!

If you have any Chiquito favourites you think I should try, or you'd like to see recreated, feel free to let me know.

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  1. Would love to know what the seasoning on the tortilla chips is :D